Why choose Frankort & Koning?

The buyer who goes into business with Frankort & Koning is opting for quality, reliability and efficiency. Although there are a large number of growers who work with Frankort & Koning, Frankort & Koning is not an out-and-out traditional company that markets growers’ produce. Instead, Frankort & Koning maintains an appropriate balance between permanent growers and suppliers and enjoys close ties with growers’ associations. Whereas conventional companies that market growers’ produce are supply-driven, Frankort & Koning is the precise opposite - we are demand-driven.  

Frankort & Koning is not obliged to buy all sizes and volumes from its sources, which means we can guarantee that inventories are kept to a minimum. This allows Frankort & Koning to fully capitalise on the demand in the marketplace. This spreading of sources reduces risks to a minimum. Our drive to keep inventories as small as possible is also one of your guarantees of freshness.

General information
In reality, Frankort & Koning is the perfect link between source and buyer, thanks to the clever equilibrium it maintains between the interests of both parties, and does so throughout Europe.
In addition, when it comes to quality control, Frankort & Koning maintains (and enforces) very high standards and strict rules. Its quality control system is enforced very strictly, for example in terms of the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) standard. Frankort & Koning makes for a very reliable logistical partner too. Our deliveries are demand-driven and arrive on time.

Getting in touch
If you have a question, or you would like to know more about the Frankort & Koning organisation and about what it can do for you, the buyer, please fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.