Why choose Frankort & Koning?

Frankort & Koning is a strong, reliable partner, whose motto is “Say what you’re doing and do what you say.” Frankort & Koning is a financially sound and stable organisation, something that means you can be sure of quick and correct financial settlement. 

In recent years, Frankort & Koning has been making more and more of a name for itself as an importer. Amongst other things, they import exotic fruits such as melons, mangoes and limes from Central and South America. Our ideal mix of sources and the fact that we act as the professional, flexible and experienced link between the right supplier and the right customer creates the perfect win-win situation for you.

General information
Our sources also like the fact that Frankort & Koning sells fruit and vegetables throughout Europe. Germany has been our most important market for some time now. In Italy, Frankort & Koning is the biggest importer of fruit and vegetables grown in Dutch soil. Our exports to Scandinavia and the Baltic states are growing fast, with France and Spain being important markets too. But in reality Europe is just a single large, important market – a common market, in fact. 

Another impressive point in Frankort & Koning’s favour is that we offer excellent distribution and logistical systems. Frankort & Koning is better than anyone when it comes to getting the right product to the right destination at the right time, and to do so at a very competitive price. 

Getting in touch
Do you have a question, or would you like to know more about the Frankort & Koning organisation and about what it can do for you, the source? If so, fill in your details and we will get back to you quickly.