About Frankort & Koning

Frankort & Koning is an international organisation that trades in fruit and vegetables, with the world as its source - its market garden, if you will - and Europe as its market. Since 1985, Frankort & Koning has been operating as the reliable link between producers/suppliers and retailers/retail chains. We have a passion for the product, we know the market inside out, and we care about both the customer and the supplier.  Frankort & Koning employs a total of 155 people.

Buying and supplying fruit and vegetables that satisfies all the consumer’s wishes and requirements, including those concerning “food safety”, at a competitive price: this is what motivates Frankort & Koning’s professional staff, day in, day out. Frankort & Koning’s core values are: energetic, reliable, independent, and with passion and courage. It’s the perfect win-win situation, thanks to our ideal mix of sources and because we act as a link between the right supplier and the right buyer.